Here are some of the most common Q & A's:

Q. How do I enroll my child in 4-H?

A. Contact our office via phone or email to request a copy of our newsletter and/or the 4-H enrollment form.  Our 4-H club meetings generally run from September to May, every second Tuesday of the Month.  

Q. My pesticide license is about to expire, what do I do?

A.  Contact Mr. Vann to determine your next steps.  The ONLY test he can administer is the Private Applicator. 

Q.  How do I get a soil sample?

A. We have instruction sheets and sampling bags available at our office. Gathering the sample is a relatively easy process.  Basic results cost $7 per sample.

Q. Do you do water testing?

A.  We can provide you the necessary materials/information to collect a water sample.  The domestic suitability test currently costs $30.

These are just a few of the questions we get on a regular basis.  The following resources are the same ones we use to answer many of your questions: 

EDIS (Electronic data information sources) documents provide specific instructions/information on a wide variety of topics.  These publications are free to the public.  Access them at www.edis.ifas.ufl

SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR LIFE is a UF/Extension website with a searchable database for a multitude of topics.  Access it by going to www.solutionsforyourlife.com

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